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Site Maintenance


Maintenance of a Web site begins upon signing of a contract for six or twelve months of service. A minimum of 30 minutes will be spent each month checking links for connectivity, adding new links if desired, making repairs if necessary, updating text, copyrights, etc., replacing or adding photos, backing up the site and its database, updating software and plugins, checking/improving search engine optimization, monitoring hacking attempts, installing and renewing a free standard SSL certificate for site security, and making changes as requested. Specific client requests will be honored within 2 business days. The fee for six months is $94.50; for a year it is $188.


If the regular, monthly maintenance exceeds 30 minutes’ worth of work, the extra time will be billed at $31.50/hour. The client will receive a bill for accumulated extra time at the end of the six month period, or on a monthly basis if desired. The plan does not include the addition of new pages, any design or layout changes, or new art work.


Either party may terminate the agreement at any time in writing.


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