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About Me


I am Susan Brown, the Designer at Blackbird Studio.


I am an artist, author, and teacher. I earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Art Education and taught art for many years in Maine until I became a guidance counselor with a Master’s degree in Counselor Education. My loves for art, photography, writing, and technology find wonderful outlets in Web design. I completed a diploma in this discipline at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, and since 2008 have managed Blackbird Studio, my own Web site design business. I am now working full-time as a Web and graphics designer.


Teaching and counseling have given me expertise in communication. I employ the eye of an artist when designing sites and manipulating images. I am able to blend the nuts and bolts of html, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, and MySQL with creativity since my intention is always to create unique sites that are aesthetically pleasing as well as functional. I build sites that are not only user-friendly, but capture the essences of the owners.


I work closely with clients since the design of a Web site is a collaborative process. When a design is finalized, I code the layout, upload content, and polish it so that it is optimized for search engines.


I also offer the monthly service of site maintenance so that pages will be kept fresh and operational, databases and files will be backed up, and technical assistance will be readily available.


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